Focus on Microsoft Technologies and Applications

Our mission is to provide Microsoft, Microsoft Partners, and ultimately customers with “Global Delivery Capabilities”. 

Our offerings and our service models are all build on Microsoft Technology, leveraging our many years of experience in those domains.

Service Offerings

Service Offerings for the age of “Digital Transformation”

Digital transformation is driving up overall customer expectations and will require a higher level of orchestration, flexibility and agility from Microsoft Partners.

Everything is going to be connected, data being collected, analyzed and with the help of machine learning and AI new levels of insights will be accomplished.

The multitude of technologies and the ever-growing need for integration will require Microsoft Partners to scale in multiple ways; and much of that can only be accomplished with new partnerships.

DIGIPROPEL provides a broad spectrum of service offerings, covering most elements in every projects/solutions life cycle.

All those offerings are build all on key Microsoft technologies and applications, cutting across key verticals, and enabling agile recognition of trends and correlate needs with the right set of solutions.


Service Models

The right Service Model for the right Project

Every project is different, and so are the different service models DIGIPROPEL supports.