Repeatable, packaged IP to accelerate the delivery of Solutions

Re-using existing and building repeatable IP is key to deliver services in a predictable and cost-effective manner. DIGIPROPEL has captured and packaged a number of solutions, particularly in the area of data migration/integration and access.

Many organizations need to move large amounts of information from older systems and legacy platforms to more cost effective, modernized solutions, whether in the cloud, on premises or in hybrid scenarios.

DIGIflo is a proven and versatile solution to migrate data from one system or platform to another one and provides a simple tough powerful user interface which allows easy mapping of databases, field, cells, etc.

Managing a data migration process can be an extremely complex project, with typical challenges like:

  1. The size, complexity, and condition of the data
  2. The need to understanding the different technology platforms (both new and old)
  3. Blind spots in planning and scheduling

DIGIPROPEL has delivered a number of data migration projects and has consistently updated and improved DIGIflo and is able to deliver data migrations services at high quality and in a very cost effective way.

Please contact us if you would like to learn more about DIGIflo and the data migration services DIGIPROPEL can provide for you and your client.